Pimadzin is a specialist in the placement of health care workers in northern regions.

We are from the north and understand the needs of the territories.

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Provide our clients with motivated healthcare employees who share the values and culture of the inhabitants of the territories and communities.

Our engagement

  • Your welcome and inclusion is our priority. Our program is tailored to your needs!
  • Personalized support and follow-up by members of the Pimadzin team,
  • Schedules via the web and programmed according to your needs,
  • Payment of your pay online,
  • Transport, accommodation and logistics costs provided by Pimadzin,
  • Remoteness bonus and very advantageous salary

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What your working and living environment in the north offers

  • Great tranquility
  • Unlimited spaces
  • Fresh air
  • From silence to the rhythm of nature
  • Unique landscapes
  • Warm people
  • Great recognition of your professional contribution

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